Why is there blonde strands in my hair?

Hi, I had brown hair ever since I was like 5. But when I am outside, people tell me I have blond strands mixed with my brown hair. Why is that?
I find it confusing because I don't dye my hair or anything.


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  • Natural bleaching and genetics. Nothing to worry too much it happens its rare but there are natural dirty blonds. Just like some people have random strands of white/platinum blonde hair sometimes also known as lucky white hair patches.

    • Thanks for the help. Does being outside have anything to do with it?

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    • Welcome man it happens also another little fun fact is that no ones natural hair is actually one color as. What humans see as color as reflected light the human eye is like a clear crystal prism as it picks up colors at different speeds. And sometimes that color gets absorbed and others are relflected. So something that is colored blue is absorbing all the other rays of color except for some reason it can't absorb blue light.

    • Very interesting. I forgot about light reflection.

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  • From the sun


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