Girls, I need some beauty advice. Do I sound warm or cool toned to you?

I'm so confused! I'm trying to pick a hair color that will bring out my eyes without clashing with my skin. I feel that picking a cool toned color will suit my skin but make my eyes look lacklustre.
I'm naturally a light, ashy brunette with obvious golden tones.
My skin is fair with pink undertones. My veins are pretty blue.
But my eyes are a really warm light brown with orangy flecks. Sort of a slash between amber and hazel. I feel my eyes are my best feature and want to bring out the golden flecks in them by picking a hair color that would help with that.
Any advice?


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  • your mostly cool toned... these are the recommended hair colours
    Ash Blonde
    Creamy Blondes
    Sandy Blonde
    Platinum Blonde Highlights
    Coffee Browns
    Mid- Level Blondes
    Jet Black
    I think fawn might look nice with your eyes because it'll be slightly darker than them, so it'll sort of make them pop


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