29 and looking or 29 and looking for love?

Are 29 year old men at the stage in life that they're starting to look for someone to settle down with?


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  • Yes I think so. The guy I'm seeing now is 26 and he's looking to settle down, I think because a lot of his friends who are around his age are getting married and he just wants someone too. I'm 22 btw and not that serious so I'm not sure how this relationship is going to work out

    • Yes,Im not sure what I want either.I have feelings for him and I would like to slowly get serious in time....but I'm not sure how he feels.He is one year away from 30...so I'd assume any 30 year old man would be looking for a future wife.

  • Depends some guys are and others are not ready.

    • How can I tell if he wants a relationship?

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    • I kinda of have.....I asked him how do you think of me and he replied"how do you want me to think of you" and then he said I'm not playing you...so don't worry about dumb things"...what does this mean lol?

    • Sounds like he's serious about ya togeather.