Would you still say the guy should not shave his legs?

Generally people say that men should not shave / remove hairs from their legs and arms, but should obviously remove their chest hair no matter how less hairy it is.
But what if a guy has very hairy legs and arms?
Would you still find it weird if this guy removed hairs from his legs and arms by shaving/ waxing?


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  • What's weird about it? It's natural.

    • What's natural?
      And as a young woman, how do you personally feel about guys who grow really lots of body hair most of their body?

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    • Better be a keeper ka kya matlab hai?
      Acha, if girl is in starting phase of relationship and she sees his really hairy arms and upper chest, kya she would be shocked and turned off?
      Will a girl prefer shave?

    • What say Neha?

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What Girls Said 3

  • my fiance shaves everything except his legs (but he has before) no problem with it what so ever

  • my boyfriend shaves his legs. i have no problem with it. i actually prefer guys who aren't that hairy.

    • I appreciate your thoughts

  • ... You are obsessed with this subject, aren't you?

    • Yeah , because I am covered by hair

What Guys Said 1

  • I dont't have chest hair, only some around the niples which I think look gross, so I shave them.
    Same for arm pits, shave them every month / 1.5 months

    Never shaved my legs though, but im not that hairy. And arms well dont really have clearly visable hair on my arms.

    • Aren't you a lucky man and the dream man to every girl in terms of smooth/hairyiness!!
      Not everyone is this Lucky man

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