What should I wear to a company dinner party?

I decided to go to a company appreciation dinner party. What would be a good idea to wear? It's going to be at a Casual Dining buffet resturaunt. Would T shirt and jeans be fine or would you at least dress a little bit more conservative such as polo shirt and kakhis?


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  • Depends on a lot of factors... what kind of company is it? What's your usual work dress code at the office? What geographic area are we talking about -- because that actually matters. Who will be attending this dinner? Just people you work with or their families and friends? Will other people there, too... perhaps upper level management you've yet to meet? What are your goals at this company? All these things actually matter. Even if it's a 'party' it's still a work event and rules can apply.


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  • Business casual? Probably want to go with khakis/slacks and polo/shirt/sweater.


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