Compromise for chicken legs?

Girls, lets say you have an amazing boyfriend, he has every thing in his personality that you ever wanted, very romantic and has golden heart. He also has a fit body, BUT, with chicken legs.
Would you compromise 1 physical look for the perfect personality?
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  • Absolutely no
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  • Depends on his other qualities.
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What Girls Said 2

  • What do you mean by "chicken legs"? Like really skinny? Do you have an example pic lol

    • Skinny enough that it is noticeable every time, and makes you think "damn those legs are skinny".
      But at the same time, you know he is working on getting rid of that problem.

    • Yeah I'd be with him

  • Dont believe in that one vote No, I accidentally clicked it and can't remove now :( Sorry! I mean that one weakness of a guy won't be a big matter.


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