Is anyone else like me and was attractive when they were young (like 10-14 years old) but now they aren't?

I was attractive to guys when I was super young but now I don't attract anyone. I am 23 but my face hasn't matured since I was 15ish. Is that why?


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  • Are you me?
    Are you?

    I was fucking hot when I was younger lol.
    I remember when I was in 7th grade I was killing it!

    Now I am 22 now and somehow everyone thinks I am 14 years old and no one talks to me lmfao.

    When I was in 12th grade everyone in my elective thought I was a freshmen. Even freshmen thought I was freshmen.

    • Lol I feel you girl. Yep that is probably why. I wouldn't say I am ugly but just looking young doesn't seem attractive. So many guys had a crush on me when I was young I miss that :(

    • Me too! Good times good times!

      Sometimes I just wanna reach that same power I had over boys lol.

      Now I can't even get a text back. The world has changed lol.

      I guess it's the influence of the "baddie" Instagram look. Girls are trying to look older now maybe I need to step up lol. When I was at school it was all about the "sweet" Rory Gilmore type of look.

    • Exactly haha

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  • I looked like a troll up until I was 14. I had an overbite, bushy eyebrows, luscious stache, frizzy hair, acne, and I was stick thin. At 12 I started "fixing" things (like braces) and at 14 I started looking somewhat decent.

  • I was not attractive at all when I was 11-13. After that, I got prettier.

  • I was drop dead gorgeous in high school and now I'm fat


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