What do women think of lingerie?

I've been super attracted and into girls wearing lingerie since I was little, but the problem is every girl I have been with never wears it. Only once in a blue moon would my ex wear lingerie and it was just bra and panties with lace on it. I'm talking about stockings, garter belts, corsets, etc. Why don't women wear this often?


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  • I love wearing lingerie. I feel it adds to the whole experience. Of course I don't wear it everytime. But it's nice to wear something fun or sexy. It definitely makes me feel good.


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  • Maybe not high enough demand. I started off kind of opposite from you: I thought a girl could be in a sports bra and still be super sexy, with the ultimate height of sexiness being when she takes everything off. I think most young guys are like this.

    I changed over the course of marriage and living together when we started showering together all the time and so forth. At that point I became used to her nudity. Then lingerie started to become very exciting because I wasn't used to it, and it would accentuate her body in ways that would make me notice new things. Somehow that became sexier to me than nudity with her.

    Of course with new girls it's back to just nudity being the ultimate height of sexy for me as I was before. I like lingerie mainly for LTRs as a way to break up the monotony of nudity.

    • >> Why don't women wear this often?

      Besides being uncomfortable and expensive, I think it's the lack of high demand these days.

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  • Because lingerie is expensive. What you're talking about costs $50 or more for the full outfit. Offer to buy it for a girl and you'll probably have more eager to wear it

    • Also do you show up in anything special besides $5 boxer shorts?
      Didn't think so lol

  • I don't know, I love lingerie lol I have a whole closest full that I don't get to wear anymore


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