Ladies, I am a tomboy in need of fashion advice, and my mother isn't helping?

Okay so long story short, I'm going into hospitality management and my mother thinks I need to wear skirts to appear more professional (In my opinion she means; get better tips). But I think I look horrible in skirts!
Basic layout of me:
Broad shoulders; broader than my hips (48cm from one seam line to the other)
34B Bust
Small waist
Broad hips 44cm from one seam line to the other
Thick horse riding thighs
Short legs, long torso
What kind of skirt do you suggest? In dresses the skater looks good on me and apparently A line and princess (?) too. It has to be black skirt, white blouse combo. I really need some advice because I think no skirts suit me and my family say all the above do.


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  • isn't it always those high waisted skirts. reach the knees. can be tight. tuck your shirt it. make it like a flaired shirt (if thats even a word). tie your hair up. makeup but not too much.

    • Usually yes but I have the freedom to choose any type of skirt so long as it's black and appropriate.

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