How to get guys more attracted?

how do you get a guy to notice you more to wanna talk to you more? to make him go crazy thinking about you. and when you smile he melts how do you do it? guys what makes a girl drive you nuts where you just wanna get to know her?


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  • honestly it mostly starts with looks. I mean a guy isn't going to go after an ugly girl that he doesn't think is attractive even if they have a nice not saying a girl has to be drop dead gorgeous, just decent looking at least. then personality comes into play..ive met girls that were only "ok" and got to know them and now I think they are very good looking. just the way it just gotta sit back, see who talks to you often and who doesnt, get some guys' numbers, send a text, if they keep talking then they may be interested and you can go from there..leave a guy hanging sometimes too, we hate it but there are guys like me who want what they can't have and die for you..hope this helps


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