Ladies have you ever had your lip waxed?

Long story short I want my lip waxed but not if it's gonna grow back thicker 😳 wax? shave? Or leave it?
  • Leave it alone it will grow back thicker than it was
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  • Wax it it doesn't grow back thicker I tried it
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  • Shave it don't wax it , it hurts like hell
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Most Helpful Girl

  • nope, my moustache is blonde and barely noticeable even in the sunlight
    if yours is dark wax it even if it grows thicker, women with moustaches look weird like sometimes I'm not sure if it's a woman or a trans lol


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What Girls Said 3

  • you should wax it try bot to shave because it will grow in thicker and allthough you caint prevent that from happing with wax as well. at least with wax it last about 2 weeks to gro back. i also would recomend bleaching your hairs so when they grow back its not noticeable

  • Waxing is better than shaving. Most girls around me wax it.

  • upper lip? Yeah but you ofc have to do it at least once a month
    I recommend threading


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