Girls: Rate + criticism please?


Just some facts about me:

-17 years old

-Have glasses, and debating of contacts or no

-Overweight, but been working on it for some time now. Used to be huge last year so yeah made some progress

-Those headphones are gaming headphones, not ones I carry around in public lol

-I am very hairy, kinda annoying. but I know some girls turned on by it :p

Oh for those who don't know, I'm still working on the weight loss. Probably gonna lose around 20-30 more pounds to be at the average BMI/Weight
Here's another pic that was after a shower, didn't comb my hair though

and shaven ^^ lol

final picture I'm taking for this question. just an official normal looking one
Decided to update this question since my first 3 picture links aren't working. also curious on more thoughts, link
Yes I'm aware the first 3 picture links aren't working, doesn't matter since I updated it now. I noticed I lost some weight too, so that's always a plus. and I know my hair looks a bit odd in this latest pic


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  • My advice is gonna be very harsh bro, but you know it's for the best out of the year or so you've known me. (Or so it seems jackass ;D)

    Picture 1)

    - Lose the gamer headphones in your pictures; it's one of your side-life passions that you shouldn't show to prospective women. Let them learn about it later; you could be a really cool dude, but some women will go: "Omg my ex was a gamer and I never got attention" and delete you in a heart beat from their lives.

    - For the glasses, I actually think they compliment your facial features, but maybe a new frame? Bring a classy female friend of yours and have her select ones you like, or take your glasses off and take another picture.

    - Cut the hair and trim the beard.

    - Switch up the wardrobe selection; throw out the old to a homeless shelter and buy yourself some Calvin Klein product or otherwise (Clearance racks are the sh*t ;D)

    Picture 2)

    - Ahhh the picture without glasses like I was asking.. Hmm I'd say keep the glasses, they make you look more "sophisticated" *Thumbs up*

    - Stop taking pictures in your room; get out in the world even if it's by yourself. Use the timer on your camera or bring a friend and hit the river. Get some pictures of you doing something fun in your life. Be sure to smile or take pictures of battle-scars ;D

    - CUT YOUR HAIR... for the second time, just incase you like me saying it... oh and "cut your hair" just because I wanted to say it a third time.. lol

    - Add accessories, you don't have to go elaborative but add some character to your wardrobe. Get some dog tags or a cross; show little hints about your personality through your clothes; women pick up on that sh*t easily.

    - You look better with "stubbles" than you do shaven or with a beard.

    There's a lotta feedback for you.

    Picture 1) I'd rate you 5/10

    Picture 2) I'd rate you 5.5-6/10

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • P.s. I'd like to see some pictures of the old you, if you don't mind. That way people can see how much motivation and effort you've been putting into this.

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    • 1) EFFORT - Lol get your ass out there and do it man, not just say it ;) Women will notice

      2) Eyeglasses - Rectangular would be good, get ones that you like though; that's better =P

      3) As for clothing - Abercrombie/amergcan eagle/hollister is good for some days that your relaxing, but women like seeing that "working man" appearance... It's the cross between a businessman and a father. Trust me ;)

    • I like the improvements; nice job man :)

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  • Only criticism I have is that we can't full see your hair style. That's a must for proper judging and miscellaneous ego shredding tidbits! :)

    Actually, I think you're cute and you look a LOT like an ex-boyfriend of mine.

  • shape up the beard (looks sexy btw. xD) Maybe style your hair a little bit (can't see much of it though. D:) You look good with glasses, get contacts if you want though.

    You're attractive, I bet you'll look amazing after losing so much weight though. :D

    • AAAWW. You shaved the beard! D: Still, very very cute. :D You should just keep your hair that length (maybe a little longer) and style it slightly more to one side. :D

    • Yeah, I liked the beard stubble too. Its part of the whole "tall, dark and handsome" thing he had going on!!

    • Agreed, agreed!! :D

  • the links don't work for me :(

  • You have potential! The anonymous person is right tho, you do look slightly unkempt. And we need to see a smile. Work out a little more, get a set of abs, and just fix up the hair issue a bit, and you will be hott.

    • Thanks :)

      did you see the second picture though? looks a bit better then the first imo

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    • Nah dog. why do you think the glasses look is better or no?

    • Mm, either way. I was just curious.

  • the hair looks scruffy and makes you look unkempt.

  • You're definitely not ugly, but definitely not Robert Pattinson. Which I'm sure you are aware, so I'm not going to degrade you because that wouldn't be deserved.

    I think you're cute, you just need to lose the weight and facial hair. If you're hairy to begin with, why have even more on your body than necessary? I'm repulsed my excess body hair, but I'm sure there are girls out there who love lots of hair.

    Good luck.

    • Haha why does everyone compared me to robert pattisnson? anyway I don't have much body hair, its mainly a lot of facial hair which is easily fixable by shaving. but yeah thanks for your feedback :)

  • You look fine... I'd shave the beard - or trim it into a nice line or whatever shape your preffer, get those contacts if you can afford them and style your hair with some gel and dress in clothes that you like. Keep working on the weight and be confident in who you are :) Good luck!


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