Does my mother think I'm prettier than other girls?

My mother criticizes me for everything.

The one area she doesn't I've noticed, is ironically looks. I mean she does try to take jabs at me every now and then, but mostly she has absolutely no problem saying other people aren't pretty (people my age).

It makes me wonder if she thinks I'm prettier than most of them so it's okay for hre to do that. I hope I don't jinx my looks lol :S I'm not arrogant about it at all


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  • she might be considering not to hurt you about the looks because she knows that's not something a mother can criticize her daughter about. but yeah I'm sure she does think you're pretty

    • Actually no she has tried to crticize me about my looks but in a more subtle way.

    • but she hasn't officially done it and that would mean something

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  • Probably because she doesn't focus on your appearance. It doesn't necessarily mean she thinks you are the most attractive girl ever, because that's terribly unrealistic and you already know that

    • But I'm quite pretty.

    • I never said you are not.

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  • well, she seems to believe your looks are above the other girls since she doesn't criticise you like the other women

    • and no, to me your not being arrogant to ask

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    • ok, that's good to hear

    • I hope I was able to help

  • Show us what you look like so we can answer your question :p

    • Lately I've been a bit sad I'm losing my looks lol.

      Don't get as many head turns, or wide-eyed stares.

      But a pretty girl is always a pretty girl right? :P

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    • Ha ha how about I describe myself to you instead?

      Big brown eyes, nice smile, long healthy hair, and kind face :)

    • You sound lovely :) I wouldn't worry too much. Someone will sweep you off your feat and you'll stop feeling this way about yourself. Tc and good luck 😘

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