Do I look intimidating?

Guys will stare at me, but never approach me, do I look that intimidating?


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  • Truthfully - I wouldn't say intimidating but angry - Just being honest love = ) That might be why they do not approach you - That is one rule for men, never approach an angry woman because the outcome most likely won't be good for us ya know.

    • I never have a frown on my face.

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    • Sometimes I do, especially if I'm having a really good day.

      I've noticed that guys like to approach girls who are extremely loud sometimes, or if a guy does approach me he is usually old enogh to be my father.

    • I, myself don't really go for the loud girls, I know some guys go for them because they take loud girls as party type girls. So thinking that the girl is a partier she might be easy to get with ya know.

      About the older guys thing, I'm not really sure - I mean I know a lot of older guys like young girls. Like myself being 27 I prefer younger girls - But I'm not really sure what you can do to get more younger guys to approach you other then older but if they don't approach you just approach them.

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  • You look damn good, but when you're out and about, do you have an look of stay away, or come say hi on your face?

  • Well I think you look very pretty, which is a good thing exept it can make it harder to aproach you. If I saw you I might want to go talk to you but then I'd get nervous and think "screw it it's too hard and she's too cool to like me anyway" and end up not saying anything. I'm guessing I'm not the only guy thinking that. You could try smiling at whoever you want to approach you and wave to them and see if they approach you then. If all else fails there's always doing it youself.

  • Is there a picture to go with this question?


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