Hair below the waist?

OK. This is embarrassing. I'm a brunette girl and I have noticed down my crack, tops of my thighs/buttocks and near the back of my vaginal entrance is fairly hairy. When I am ready to have sex I don't want this to be a problem or a turn off when a guy goes down on me or we do it doggy style or he grabs my bare arse. Is this normal and should I do anything about it?


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  • Its normal, but if your hair is bothering you, you could check with spa that provides clients

    services in that area. I seriously cannot imagine it being that hairy, but anything is possible.

    Don't be embarrassed. As far as what guys like, its 50-50, but more important it is how

    you feel. And so that you know, vaginal hair grows there to aid in the protection of outside

    foreign substances. Yes, you can still shave, etc. Just be really, really, really, careful.

    Good Luck!


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  • It's totally normal! I would suggest shaving, or waxing (the results last longer, but it's more painful)

  • it's normal to have some hair down there but I always shave it.

    • Why all the downward arrows. so random.....

      shave if you want

      keep it if you want

  • its normal. just shave it. thts what most girls do. be very careful when ya do it though.