Ladies, how overweight can a guy be before you're disgusted?

I'm a fat guy (working on it, already lost 35 pounds, so Krav Maga and intermittent fasting definitely work).

I see girls on here that post pictures of themselves (allegedly) and ask if they are ugly and why no guy has ever asked them out. The truth is because I see they're fit and thin, and believe they'll feel disgusted by my heaviness.

But I wanna know the truth... Do you really care all that much, honestly? If you, a thinner attractive woman were alone, wondering why nobody has asked you out, and a guy about as heavy as the lead singer of comedy metal band psychostick walked up and asked if you wanted to share a table?

Be honest, though... you shouldn't have to apologize for what you don't find attractive. You're attracted to whatever you're attracted to. You were born that way...

I'm not asking this question because I'm fishing for a self-esteem boost... I just want the truth so I know how much more I gotta lose before you feel flattered when I approach you vs disgusted lol.

Or maybe, you'll all prove I'm an idiot and we'll see that girls care as little about weight as guys do! Cast your votes! Share your insight!
  • 40 pounds overweight
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  • 80 pounds overweight
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  • 100 pounds overweight
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  • 150 pounds overweight
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Damn, meant to include a "Don't care" option... sorry, this question is a little leading. I apologize. If you don't care, please share it!
The opinions of the women in the comments all point to "don't care, as long as he's not morbidly obese". But the votes here all seem to be, so far, "even a little flab is unattractive".

Interesting... I'm willing to admit that some of these votes might be troll votes, but eh, it's still interesting nonetheless.

If you voted the 40 lb one, feel free to share why. You can do it completely anonymously so it won't get back to you. I want to hear the why.


Most Helpful Girl

  • As long as you are taking care of yourself like showering regularly, shaving, not wearing old sweats it doesn't matter to me personally how big a guy is. Now if you're so overweight you can't walk or fit in a cars seat that's a different problem because something else is probably going on.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If he's just overweight but not obese it's okay. But healthy weight is better (I won't say "of course" because some women say they like fat men better).

  • You're too fat if you can no longer wipe your ass or see your feet when you look down


What Guys Said 2

  • ladies can be 400 pounds and society is forced to accept that.

    • You'll get downvoted, and I don't wish to encourage you...

      But I do at least want to admit this made me laugh, and now I feel terrible lol.

    • encourage me how? And yes small dick guys will downvote me.

  • I really wanna see the responses to this. I'm far from fat--I have light muscle tone, but I've never seen a question like this so this'll be interesting.


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