do they really matter or is it just shame?


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  • "Looks" are more important during the first impression; then your personality eventually takes over.

    Aging takes place which eventually takes away from our youthful appearance over time; HOWEVER, we can counter that with simple measures: Go to the gym, quit smoking, eat healthy, use skin nourishment/cleansing products, get a new wardrobe, etc etc etc..

    I hate the controversy of whether "fat people deserve others" because it's a bullsh*t topic. When I walk out in public, I see model-material-relationships and I also see what others call ugly; however, my TRUE definition of ugly is this:

    - The guy that wears cut off jeans above his knees, with holes in his yellow teeth, a bad BO and a Army Jacket...He doesn't have a job and drinks beers more than he drinks water..etc

    -- or here's another comparison of ugly: The multi-million dollar family that won't eat anywhere short of olive garden, they won't allow friends to come over even for christmas. If someone is poor they aren't their friend, etc...

    The true "Ugly" comes in many forms/shapes/sizes but it's not related to physical appearance. Physical appearance is merely how people determine a factor of approachability.

    For example (Compared towards an average guy):

    - The smoking hot brunette with a rocking body and a good optimistic outlook probably has an "approachability factor" of 4/10 (Believe it or not)... While we want to pursue these types of girls, we rarely will because we often doubt ourselves. Women do the same damn thing towards hot guys.

    - The 300lb 18 year old girl that still works at mcdonalds and has no desire of going further in life; has an approachability factor of 1/10 ...

    We all have the slightest approachability factor, but if you want to be approached MORE then you have to make yourself more attractive. For instance:

    - I have a strong physique, I'm tall, good personality.

    But what I'm lacking is:

    - Strong banter, Lack of effort, Lack of wardrobes, blah blah blah..

    So where can I increase MY odds?

    1) Strong banter

    - I'll educate myself on what banter means to me

    2) Lack of effort

    - I'll make a routine to start getting myself in the groove of giving myself time to have fun

    3) Lack of wardrobes

    - I'll work hard to play hard later (work to make money to get clothes)

    etc etc etc

    ... Soo... I'm damn certain that this is one of my most detailed answers in a long time; what do you think?

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Absolutely looks matter. A persons appearance is what gives the brain it's initial stimuli to initiate conversation, and if the personality matches, to begin dating. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have never really cared for the "hot" girls, because it has been my experience that a pretty face does not always mean a pretty heart, and in most cases, it's quite the opposite. Best girlfriend I ever had was a short, chubby girl who had a plain-Jane face, and small breasts, but a great personality. Worst one I ever had was stunningly gorgeous, but turned out to be an absolute waste of human flesh, details not necessary.. So yes, looks do matter, but not as much as everyone has been made to believe.

  • From my experience, looks are very important. That being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have had ladies that I thought everyone would find beautiful and yet I always found someone that was almost repulsed by the inclination that I found this lady attractive.

    It all comes down to what you and I think. Beauty is the funny way you move in that outfit, the subtle way that you stare at me, the gentle way you laugh and slap me for my inappropriate jokes.

    Across the table from you, if we can stare into each others eyes and be happy, then that is all that matters. To a boy, looks may mean the world, yet to a man, looks are just the ribbon of an elaborate package.

  • they matter but I think being healthy is more then half the battle

  • They matter, just less so as you get older, or at least that's the way things are going for me.

    • Also I think this question asker should use the damned search engine.


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