Saloon hair products vrs market hair products. Which one you consider to be better?

When you go to a salón and get your hair done , your stylist uses certain products brands that are only used in a salón and the stylist expect the customer to buy the saloon products cause for a reason they are using it on you and also because the stylist know the type of products that works better for you of course the saloon products are much expensive than the market (supermarkets, pharmacies) products. Now the market products are cheaper and even though each product may say it work wonders on your type of hair, sometimes is not necessary true and can damage your hair cause there are not a stylist right there to tell you which market product can work or not for you. Also the market products are manufactured by bulk which cheapens the price at the market.

Which one is better or you think is better?


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  • No one's better than the other.
    I used to go with market ones; Treseme / 10 in one of something like that but I have stopped using heat on my hair, so no longer needed.


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