Why are all the pretty girls egotistical and why do they date losers?

I mean, if you think you're so great, why not go after someone just as equally great? why do they gotta go after the popular drug addict (last time I checked drugs were unattractive...), or the jerk. there's plenty of good looking shy guys that actually have a heart and something to give that just get blown off by these girls and a lot of the time, they'd go together with the pretty girls much better than the jerk/player/druggie...

You can just look at people and tell if they go or don't go together... what's wrong with a nice, put-together guy, when a lot of these classy, pretty girls appear more put-together than other girls... they could be even greater if they didn't let their ego/self-esteem get in the way... :/


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  • Because like Alexandre Berk says; 'I know they're no good for me, but it's the risk I take for the chemistry!'

    They're normally spontaneous, exciting and have good bodies!

    Boys who are shy or 'put together' ... doesn't that just sound boring to you?

    Excited ment and 'doing something that scares you everyday' keeps you on the edge and if your other half can do that by just being them, then why not!

    Anyway these girls always marry the nice guys but have fun with the bad boys before hand :-)

    x x x

    • Idk... good guys deserve a bit of credit... they're probably a lot more fun than you realize if you just got to know them. but hey I guess lust is easy... Love is hard.

  • No offense but usually those guys are boring and the hot girls want to have fun and enjoy their youth. There's plenty of time to find a good looking nice boy when you wanna settle down, but the jerk/player/druggie is fun for right now. You know how some men say : DATE BAD, MARRY GOOD? Well some girls feel the same way. Like me I am attracted to dope boys and thugs but I would never marry one.

    • Haha well that's good to know... to assume good guys are boring is a bit unfair, and personally I don't understand the fun in hanging around with people you don't belong with and drugs and whatnot. but whatever floats your boat I guess...

      at least you know not to fall too hard for these guys. lol ;)

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