If you were a parent which would you rather your daughter get?

Her Belly Button pierced or a Tattoo?

Just wondering I think most parents would prefer the belly button more cause at least you can take it out.

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  • most parents allow there dauther to get her belly button pierced once she's 15 , some wait a bit longer but most seem to get it done before there out of high school if they really want one . the funny thing is the pierced belly button is a much more sexual thing than a tattoo . as the abs are a very sexy area and belly button piercing very sexy . where is a lot of tattoo's not very sexual at all . the problem with tattoo's for most parents is the permanent factor though . but a lot are allowing girls in high school to get inked these days as well if its legal where they live . it is here and a lot of girls that age get there high tattoo in high school now .


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What Guys Said 3

  • Piercing, since it's easier to remove and isn't as permanent as a tattoo is. Getting a tattoo removed by laser is much more expensive than actually getting it applied too. Plus, she may not like it and it could turn out like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CvIKnk6P5Y

  • Once she's 18, it's up to her. Until then, she doesn't need either.

  • I'd prefer her getting a piercing, but I wouldn't let her get either.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think both would be fine. If I had to choose between one, I'd choose whichever one she wanted more. I had my belly button done at 14. I'm getting a tattoo when I get the money for it soon. I want to be a cool mom, one who a kid can ask anything about and actually want to be around. I'll spoil my kid, I know that.

  • a tattoo because the belly button is like a tramp stamp (or wanna be)

    • And what do you think a tattoo is? ._.

    • Well it can be many things. an attetion seeker. some thing to use as a memorie or a tramp stamp. or otheres.

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