Ladies, your opinions of young guys who buzz there hair very short due to the fact that they're balding? What are your thoughts on young balding guys?

Say there's a guy who looks pretty decent in many ways like dresses well, cute facial features and jawline, physically fit and also has a bright future, good personality and humor, but buzzed his hair really short because he's balding? What do you think of him and the buzzed head? Not to sound cocky but I'm a good looking guy that once had dark flowing hair but it's been thinning and I said fuck it I'm just going to buzz it extremely short. And I did lol, I'm not completely bald yet but you can tell I'm losing my hair which is why I buzzed it very short. but now I'm wondering what girls in college and girls around my age (I'm 22) think of balding guys? Many girls have told me I have the cute bad boy look with hair and now I really feel like I look bad boy straight from prison (which I'm not) with the buzzed head. Will girls like that? I usually get really pretty women thinking I'm attractive quite often but I'm wondering how much of that will change with my buzzed Balding head. A negative comment won't hurt my feelings lol, I do understand that a good portion of girls might find it to be really physically unappealing and understand that girls have basic preferences too so please be as honest as possible while posting.


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  • any girl thats worth it will not care one bit :) im sure you'll still get ladies dont you worry lol. that exact same thing happened to one of my male best friends and females still flock to him because he is an easy to talk to gentleman, and has a great personality that stands out.

  • Hair is hair. People lose it. It shouldn't matter to someone who loves you


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