Help me figure out what to do with my hair! :(

Hey guys, I'm David.

I've been through a series of different haircuts in a short amount of time and I don't quite know what to do anymore!

Here's a video I made so that people can give me suggestions.

Hopefully you guys have some good ones :)


I'd just like to make it clear that my hair in this video comes nowhere close to how it is some days. This is a good day, poofyness-wise. Usually it's a real disaster.

Thanks! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really liked your hair in the 3rd pic. it really went with you face and the shape of your head.

    link I like the third one down (the guy in the black tux) I think you could pull that off.

    link think this one its neat too.

    link this one is my favorite.. I think it would look the best on you..

    hope my links worked (=

    i think that any medium lenght, shaggy style hair-do would look good on you.

    Bed-Head products work really good for the "un-done" hair look, plus its not expensive.

    Well I hope I've helped at least a little . Good Luck


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  • heres a sexy guy with hair I'm sure is up for adoption.. for the record I like the white boy fro and I'm sure your girlfriend thinks you look good as you are



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  • I think you suited the shorter hair lol... I've been doing the same with my hair, had it shaved off in january the front is mid length now and the back is short. I have to straighten it though. Personally I think you have to mess about with it to get your style. The afro is definitely crazy, I'd not be able to pull it off, ha. I used to base my hair on an emo style despite not being emo, it actually suited me, so don't worry about going out of comfort zones.

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