I am rarely attracted to the guys who want to date me?

..but rarely attractive enough to the guys I want to date outside of them flirting and trying for "friends with benefits" or some crap. Everyone else I know has fallen for their partner and not had to work at building their attraction to him, but I keep getting stuck dating guys that it feels like a chore. Have any tips for what I'm doing wrong?


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  • Looks like you will have to look for they guys you want, instead of waiting..

    • ...but aren't females kind of fenced in by their own looks? Guys, I know, can get different people by gaining confidence, etc. I think I need to go the opposite direction and learn to be attracted to whoever asks me out.... Any tips?

    • There are plenty of guys out there who like a girl, but never say anything.. I don't think you will be happy if you don't have some level of attraction towards your partner...

  • Try to find a guy who's out of u'r comfort zone..


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