Law of attraction?

Can you use it and believe that a person is right for you and you believe you will be with them, and your thoughts will manifest and eventually in time, you will be with them?


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  • Id say if it hasn't happend yet and there doesn't look like there Is any indication on their part, its probley not going to happen. Focus and put energy into something real. Fantasy can only get you so far... By yourself lol. then you actually have to make a move


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  • If you are asking whether you can simply think that something will happen (ala the Secret), it wont. That's rubbish. You can't just believe something and it will happen. On the other hand, attraction involves many different elements. Initially, physical attraction is most important (despite what people say), then you should explore if the other person reciprocates your feelings and then you see if you have similar o complimentary interests. If you are too different, you might fid it exciting, but it would potentially be a fatal attraction.

    Relationships in a nutshell, hope it helps

    • Well... she ain't helping out... :(

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    • Ooooh dang sorry dude. misread what you said. then it's gotta be tough putting yourself out there and not having her recprocate. and it seems you're struggling to find anyone else who who can relate to at an intimate and caring level, will reciprocate....

    • Yeah... I know she was wanting what she couldn't have. I feel that I COULD have her but its like I can't at the same time...