Is it better to be a model in Milan or Paris?

is it better to be a model in Milan or Paris and please give your opinion why. thanks


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  • Paris, there is more opportunities and many of the biggest, most popular companies are in Paris - Chanel, L'oreal, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Paris is very well known as being the fashion capital of the world (with NYC in second, London in third) and Paris fashion week (PFW) is known among many as one of the BIGGEST fashion weeks, even more so than Milan or London, up there with NYFW. All the most popular models (Soo Joo Park, Hadids, He Cong, Molly Bair and more) walk in the Chanel fashion shows, and Chanel is one of the most popular of all time fashion houses in the world, as well as one of the wealthiest. However, Milan has many opportunities as well and it is still a wealthy city with many many fashion houses and cosmetics companies. One thing to add though is if you want to become a professional model you are going to be going ALL over the world - not just the fashion capitals - to China, Australia, etc. and more for work. You will NOT be in one country, usually. You will be flown to the different cities for fashion week and they will all become a part of your life. A top model usually is not assigned to one country of the world.

    • Thank you so much for the information. Why I asked paris or milan is because they said agencies are good at helping with launching a career there. I didn't ask about NYC because I know a lot of girls, friends included who are struggling 2 years from when they got signed to get their big break. Do you feel it will be better to sign with a model agency in Paris or Milan as a model starting out?

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    • What of agencies in Paris? and thank you for all the advice

    • and also should i apply to like IMG milan instead of IMG ny or i should apply to both

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  • It's better in Paris because of all the wonderful prostitutes.

    • hahaha what do you mean by that

  • Paris for women's fashion, Milan for men's.


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