Would you hire a personal trainer/children's swim instructor with blue hair or unusual coloured hair?

I've never really cared nor had to worry about my appearance in regards to my jobs before but now I am a little concerned after speaking to some friends about hair change..
I PT a few people a week and I am currently learning how to teach & coach swimming for children. At the moment I look kinda Barbie i guess, blonde/boobs/boring.. but I'm kinda fed up of that and fancy some blue streaks/tips/something through my hair. Nothing too crazy but at the same time pretty different from my norm.
Majority of my friends thought that if i changed my hair people would be put off hiring me, do you agree?
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What Guys Said 4

  • See, I don't think hair should have an inpact on whether you're hired or not.. unless of course it's some formal business something.. Though I've dyed hair myself, so I may be biased.. However, I know some places doesn't think coloured hair has any home where they work, kind of like if you dress punk/goth like. I have no experience in that exact field, but I'd assume being a swimming coach wouldn't have too strict requirements, regarding hair colour.

  • It won't make a difference in my opinion. You are still doing your job properly, and actions speak louder than looks. You might get a few awkward looks but people will get over it fast. Make yourself happy and go ahead with the changes! good luck

  • Blue haired Barbie sounds fine to me! :D

  • yeah, why not. hair color doesn't define who someone is


What Girls Said 1

  • Her hair color wouldn't affect my decision to hire her or not.


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