I'm attracted to all of his guy friends! Help needed!!!!

So I have been dating my boy friend for a month and a half now. And things are going pretty good. But I've started meeting his guy friends and I'm attracted to like ALL of them! And their all so different like they have different styles .. I just don't know. Its starting to get hard because when I first met my boy friend I didn't find him attractive at all and the first time I kissed him .. just eeww. But I went with it because his personality is to die for! And I love him so much on the inside. ... its just hard when you see all of these hot guys especially when their his friends who you hang out with constantly and you just want them all.

What should I do? please help!


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  • You can do one of three things:

    1) If you know you can't (or won't) stay faithful to your boyfriend, or you know you want to explore more casual relationships, then it's time to break things off. Don't lead him on, letting him think you like him (i.e., that you're attracted to him physically) when you really don't.

    2) Take a "break" from the relationship (don't break up completely), and think carefully about whether you want to stay with your boyfriend or hook up with one or more of his friends. Then do either #1, or...

    3) Stay with your boyfriend, if you really love your him, you think he's a great guy, and you think your attraction to his friends is just a "phase" you're going through.

    If you take any of the above actions, you're being honorable; honesty is honor. But if you cheat on him, that's not honorable at all, or "right" in any way. It will always be wrong. My advice to you: either leave him, stay with him, or take a break until you can make up your mind. Best of luck.

    • Correction for #3: "if you really love him"

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    • Hey, sorry it took me hours to get back to you.

      It seems like there are some issues with the relationship (e.g., him hurting your feelings and then denying responsibility). You have the right to stand up for yourself in that case. A relationship should be an equal partnership between two people, and if he's not respecting you, you have a right to let him know that.

      But nobody is perfect, and neither is any relationship. If he's constantly critical of you it's a problem....

    • ...and I wouldn't blame you if you felt like leaving him because of the way he treats you. If he treats you like that all the time, he's not a good boyfriend. But, if he IS a good guy despite his faults, and you WANT to stay with him (it sounds like you do), just wait and see if things improve. Try to get closer to him like I said. And you SHOULD be totally comfortable around him...let him know that you're really not, and if he cares he'll try to change.

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  • Not be with him apparently. Damn. It seems like you're leeching off of him for happiness.

    Do you not have ANY guy friends? Or do you not associate yourself with guys very often? That might the problem. I find it horrible to compare you're boyfriend, with a personality to "die for", to all his "hot friends".

    Maybe try to spruce him up if he's hideous. I mean if you really liked him though, then the looks would NOT matter...believe me I know. Try to be around his guy friends more so the "initial shock value of 234234 mega hunks compared to the hunchback of notre dame" doesn't exist anymore. I mean after hanging with them a bit might ween you off their pheromones or whatever.

    Aren't kisses the sturdy base for all relationships? I mean without enjoying your partners kiss there's really nothing beneficial in the relationship if you can't even exchange those feelings properly.

    • Im not saying he is ugly. I'm just saying tht I know he's not the best looking guy out there. And the first kiss just grossed me out. Now every time I kiss him its nice.

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    • Ok. thanx for ur advise.

    • Sure thing.

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