What do sexy thighs look like?

Guys I want different opinions on what your definition of what sexy thighs look like. Describe please, I know everyone is different.


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  • thick and solid, the kind where the thighs make the shorts seem skin tight around the thighs but it doesn't cut in at all cause the thighs are solid muscle (not really ripped tho)

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    • Haha um I don't know she was the first person that came to my mind with thick legs so yeah.

    • I just now realized how long this comments section has gotten. Whoah. This is pretty ridiculous =) Hey, if you're gonna answer any of my questions, pleasen let it be the one about the Intro scene? I'd like to see that one get a lot of answers because I think it's an interesting question.

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  • Ummmmm. pretty much anything a girl does with a turned on face is sexy. You girls can do sexy movements, we dudes cant. If we try to it looks either nasty or just plain weird. Well to trow something different I think the oooooppsss, sad eyes face is like "shhuuuuiiinggg"

  • i don't mean fat but, I like thicker legs not bonny ones!


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