Thinking of asking a waitress out?

Hey ladies, need some advice.

I recently got my pilots license and fly on weekends for fun. There's this little cafe that sits near the airport that I often go to after a flight. There's a really cute waitress that, I think, is interested in me based on her body language and our limited conversation. It's a small town cafe...everyone knows everybody, but I'm the outsider trying to make friends. I don't live in this town, I just fly out of it. Anyways, she's really cute and I want to get to know her I was thinking of offering her an airplane ride to watch the sunset one evening. Does anyone think this is too much and/or creepy? Oh, I'm 29.

Maybe she's married, has a boyfriend or is not interested in me, but what the hell, if I gotta find out the hard way, then so be it! LOL.

Thanks for any tips...


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  • Its too much and may seem like trying too hard...

    She flirts with everybody that comes in.. she is a waitress, they are all (mostly) beautiful and they flirt with people.

    Best way just talk to her, don't do anything that may imply you are hitting on her... Best way I would make fun of the area, eg say its like a village.. nothing to do here... Then conversation will stray into either you offering to show her your area or her offering to show you your place...

  • It seems to be a bit too forward for a first date. But I'd ask her out on a standard one (coffee etc.), why not? Keep the planes till a little later.

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