Guys, What would be the best for me to wear tomorrow?

Girls what do you think?
I'm a high school student, just started new semester. I have a crush on this guy, he's in my English class, but I'm changing my class applied to academic since it was too easy for me.
So tommorrow is my last day having him in my class, I want to look nice to approach him.
I kinda talked to him such as thanks and when he was handing in the paper when teacher asked him t and stuffs nothing personal tho...
I feel like wearing this dress
Guys,What would be the best for me to wear tomorrow?

that I look comfortable and confident in it (It is more fitted-style than the model since I perfer that style) also shows a little bit of cleavage?
Another outfit that I'm thinking of is band shirt (and yes I do listen to them, infact I actually LOVE THEM SO MUCH and met the singer! lmao) that I overheard that he likes and nice jean?
and what should I say :/
I'm really shy and I have no chance (I can approach during other times but I found during class time is the most resonable? I could say) since he's in grade one higher than me and I don't have him for any other classes and probably ever will..
Would appreciate any advice :)


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  • You should wear a banana suit to promote healthy eating

    • LOL!!! I would wear it If I had one :/ maybe I should wear my monkey with banana pj instead! thanks for ur opinion

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    • Even better. What goes well with bananas is Nutella.

    • Thanks!!

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  • I'd say the dress cuz it looks more feminine and pretty. And wash ur hair that morning. Make sure it smells nice. Give him a last good impression before he leaves. You could approach him in class and ask "hey i know i haven't talk with u before, but... i heard u like xxx band? Couldn't resist to ask." make sure u talk about how your'e interested in them too. Don't be shy. Worst case scenario he thinks ur weird and u don't talk anymore. But that'll be ok since ur not in the same class anymore anyways. Do it, or regret it for the rest of ur life. XD go for it


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  • I think no matter what you wear, he won't recognise you if you don't say something to him.

    I kind of like the dress 👌🏽I like dresses like that. Just easy slip on and comfy as!

    Well consider what the weather is that day and dress accordingly :)

  • If you have an hourglass body shape, that dress looks very fine. Just tell him you will leave his class for another but you wouldn't mind meeting him for a drink or so. And make a first appointment for it. Then future will tell you what happens.

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    • Thanks! Which one tho :)

    • Which ever one makes you most confident.
      I don't go for the band tee though, it's a convo topic and I'm not a dress kinda girl.

    • Thanks girl!!😆

  • Wear the dress, it looks very nice. But when you start talking to your crush more wear the band shirt, it'll give you more things to talk about. Good luck!

  • whatever you feel comfortable


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