Which swimsuit?

I have wanted to get a two-piece swimsuit but I don't know what color to get. I think black is timeless but I already have a black bikini... I also like the bright aquamarine. I get tan in the summer if that helps with what it would color is best.
Which swimsuit?
Which swimsuit?

Which swimsuit?Sorry I'm too lazy to crop everything out of the pic besides swimsuit lol (They are all the same swimsuit)

  • Get the black oneee
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  • Go Aqua bitch
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  • The Third Wheeler (blue)
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Alrighty if black wasn't an option which one, I already have a black swimsuit and want something different!


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  • I LOVE the second one. I think it's a great color and will definitely stand out even more when you're tan.

    • Ugh I know, I already wear a lot of dark colors too so it's like I want it but I also love black

    • I think since you already have a black one, give a brigter color a chance. There will be plenty of opportunities to wear both colors im sure :)

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