Any remedies for speedy hair growth?

I am using terbentine oil and almond oil (simply adding them into my shampoo) and I think it has made a difference. I don't want to use any extensions, so I want my hair to be long till June! It is just a little above my shoulders now. Can you please help me?


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  • I brush my hair a lot to stimulate the hair follicles so that they produce oil, which helps it grow quicker.
    I condition the living hell out of it with Aussie 3 minute miracle.
    I don't apply heat to my hair or anything... I am a lazy ass and all I do is brush it. But the less heat you put to your hair, the easier it will be for your hair to grow since you would be giving it a break. I also only trim my hair a few inches every once in awhile. I am due for a trim but I have to wait till my schedule opens up. 😞


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  • @Máiiréad already mentioned a lot of good things, but yeah, two things that's both natural and easy.. is to massage/stimulate your scalp, and to keep your hair/skin in a healthy state.


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  • Two ways to go about it.

    Do one hr treatments each day before shower. Put olive oil and castor oil in a bottle with a nozzle and apply it as you get your in a split hairline and work your way to left to right. Wrap it up with a towel or with a plastic shower cap.

    Rinse your hair out with cold water after washing.


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