How can I choose sunglasse for my face type?

How can i choose sunglasse for my face type? i dont know how to choose sunglass for my face :/ :/ how can i choose?


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  • I would suggest trying a lot of different glasses and choose the ones that look good. Or... you can follow the rule : round face- square glasses, square face- round glasses, oval- from what I know, this shape works with anything.


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  • You need to figure out what your face shape is. Is it round, oval, squared, or triangular? If it's squared you'd want more rounder glasses. If your face is more rounded, then you would want more squared faces. Typically, oval and triangular faces can work any type of glasses, though if you have oval, I would get sunglasses a bit squared.

    You want to create a contrast between your face and the glasses. A rounded face with rounded glasses would look bad.

  • go to the store and try them all and find 'the one'


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