Do guys like girls who wear make up and dressy clothes?

I am honestly curious as to if guys prefer girls who put on a lot of make up and get dressed up a lot. Personally I just put on some cover-up if I have a little bump coming in and chap-stick. If I’m feeling daring I’ll add some mascara. Is that too little? I also don’t wear a lot of skirts and the main jewelry I wear is a bracelet to support AIDS research in Tanzania, 2 African tribal bracelets and an old worn one made out of hemp that my baby cousin made me. I never take those off. I love jeans and I will wear nice tee-shirts with a v-neck. I wear cute flats for shoes and sandals but I don’t like to go out of my way to be something I’m not. Should I?

I honestly don't have any trouble getting attention from guys. I don't mean to sound conceited but I have naturally long lashes and smooth skin (most of the time) that is even in its tone. I usually don't need make up.
The only time I really feel the need to put it on is if I'm going to a formal event and then my face doesn't get as much attention as my chest does. haha.


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  • The fact is most guys will say they don't like a lot of makeup. Although if you know how to put on a lot of makeup in a good way, that's beneficial to your features guys tend to like that more in my experience. Lets face it. Guys are dumb when it comes to makeup, they don't know the difference when it comes to products. Ask any guy what the difference is between concealer and foundation is. I guarantee that 90% of guys have no clue. It's not there fault though, there not conditioned to know since they don't apply it and have product knowledge (unless they're artists.)

    I would wear the amount of makeup you feel comfortable putting on. If you don't know how to do certain tricks like shading and complicated stuff DON'T do it.

    I personally think your style sounds nice. I tell people to let your makeup reflect your style. I personally get dressed up wherever I go and wear a substantial amount of makeup. But it reflects my personality, and I have been trained and know how to professionally apply it. In my experience men prefer it when I get glamed up. Probably because it fits my personality.


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  • You should be yourself because that will make you happy in the long run. Some guys will like your style, some won't.

  • i personally love girls in skirts and dresses makes them so much prettier i suggest trying pencil skirts i have never heard of a dude that doesn't like pencil skirts I'm not much of a makeup fan but nice outfits will attract a dude right over to you


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  • of course guys do. seriously try it one day I bet you will get so much more attention.

    you don't even have to dress up a huge deal, just add more feminine touches and look put together and pretty.

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