Ladies, Scrawny men or Athletic men?

I probably know the answer, and yes, I also know personality accounts WAY more than appearance, but my questions are:

- Which one would you prefer?

- Does it really matter if he is 'attractive to you'?

- Would you have one which is scrawny, yet having a great personality or one which is athletic and yet still have a great personality?

- Does appearance matter to you?

Do you think physical attraction is 'important' in a relationship?


P.S - No, I do not have insecurity issues, I've had this debate countless times with Women and Men a like with different views, I simply would like to know your views

thanks again


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  • I prefer athletic men.

    It does matter if a guy is attractive to me. I will not date a man I don't find attractive. A guy doesn't have to be athletic to be attractive to me. I like guys who are thin but I don't think I could do "scrawny" thin. As long as he is generally attractive and in decent shape I'm fine, but scrawny thin might be too extreme for me.

    If I had to pick between a scrawny guy with great personality and an athletic guy with great personality I'd pick the athletic one.

    Yeah appearance matters and physical attraction is important. I don't know how people date people they aren't attracted to unless they are just using them or desperate and can't get anyone else.


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  • For most girls it doesn't matter how he looks just that he can make you feel loved and make you laugh so appearance shouldn't matter, and physical attraction isn't the most important thing but it doesn't hurt.

  • athletic, I don't need a guy that's as skinny as me. I want a guy with big strong arms who can hold me

  • I like both. :D


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  • The topic question is pretty rigged, honestly. To the theme of the later questions, you have it mixed up, at least early, women are as much about attractiveness as men are. Attractiveness matters a ton (the whole "personality first" thing is a cultural myth). Don't get me wrong personality/attitude does matter, but if a woman doesn't find you attractive you've basically got no chance with her (aside from unusual circumstances like you're rich and she's exchanging herself for your money).