Almost 15 I want to change my appearence. What should I do?

Yes I have changed since puberty but I still look pretty similar besides my braces and wearing mascara. I have always had super long straight brown hair. Now my brown hair is not as long with layers. I want to change my appearance, I don't like how I look the same as in my kid photos. What should I do? I thought about cutting my hair but everyone would make a hue deal of it so if makes me self concious to do that, and my hair is super flat and is volumlous on the top so short hair would look like Crap but I've wondered what I'd look like. I was thinking of maybe dying my hair. Mousey brown is so boring. What could I do to look different?


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  • you should check out the how do i look section.


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  • Make it wavy or make some highlights.


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