She said to me that she doesn't like me...but then she does this?

So long story short, this girl that I like doesn't like me back. She knows all about it since I told her myself that I like her and she told me herself that she doesn't like me. But recently I have seen her looking at me when I turned around and also when she was some distance away in a open area, I turned around because I thought someone called my name and I happened to see her looking at me. Also, I was looking straight away and she was walking toward me to my right and I looked over quickly and as soon as I looked at her she looked away.

So was this just coincidence or is it something different than what she sad? Thank you for your opinion.


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  • hmm you can't really tell. maybe she likes you tho, how did she say she didnt? you should ask her why she does the whole looking thing if she doesn't like you!

    • It was more of "well I don't really know you...I'm sorry!" was how she said it. I did ask her about it actually and she said "oh well sorry if I gave you a weird look because I didn't mean to"

    • Hmmm that's not too good. you should just let her look. you might have just creeped her out. but don't worry, she doesn't sound like that much of a nice girl. give time to time.

  • She could be looking at you and then looking away because she is uncomfortable with what she said. She may be having second thoughts about her feelings towards you, but doesn't know how to approach you again.

    • Well I am shy myself and she is a little bit of a hard girl to approach, as I can be hard to approach as well. But I'm glad to hear a good opinion from this! Thanks!

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