He looks at me a lot?

Yeah, yeah...you all are probably rolling your eyes thinking "not again!" But please listen to my story.

Anyways, there's this guy in one of my classes who I catch looking at me a lot. His eyes "just happen" to wander towards me whenever I'm laughing or something funny happens. He smiles when I look at him too. He also takes a peek at me whenever he whispers/talks to his friends...as if he's checking if I'm watching him or something. I also walked past the community centre today and I saw him in the weight room talking with his friends and once he saw me, I saw his head turn towards me (he was far away so I couldn't exactly tell) and he started to lift weights infront of me. I'm just really curious as to why he looks at me a lot and if it's just a coincidence that I catch him.

(Also, I've heard that him and another girl have a "thing"...)


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  • Has he talked to you? No. Is he rooting someone else? Maybe. Is it in your head? Probably.

    • He's kind of the shy type. He does talk to me whenever he gets the chance though.

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    • Yep. Just because a guy is doing weights in the gym doesn't mean he likes you. Nice to look at though.

      Best answer?

    • Cheers!

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