What's going on with my hair?

Over the last 4 years my hair went from straight to wavy and now very curly. Over the last few months it has also become extremely thick (I had very thin hair before). The strands themselves are thicker as well as just how much there is, and it's gone from an almost white blonde to dark brown. Wtf is going on?


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  • It's normal for hair to darken as you age. Did you used to like dye it or have a bad diet?

    • But from nearly white to a few shades lighter than black? And no, I've never dyed it, haven't changed my diet. Nothing has really changed, I've always had a very healthy diet and lifestyle.

    • My sister had like bleach blonde hair until her 20s and now her hair is a light brunette.

      Hmmm maybe your hairdresser will know?

  • Maybe the radiation got to you lol


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