What do you think of girls that wear Wigs out casually on a daily basis?

I've recently become obsessed with Wigs and plan to start collecting them and wearing them out everyday casually on a daily basis. I plan on getting Clip-In Bangs, Synthetic Headband Wigs, Synthetic Lace-Front Wigs, Synthetic Fashion Wigs, Synthetic Costume Wigs, Synthetic Dreadlock Wigs, and eventually I want to experiment with Box Braids, and Synthetic Dreadlocks. Some people think it's crazy to wear Wigs casually, some people think they should just be worn for Costumes, but I disagree. I'm excited about wearing Wigs. The reasons why I love Wigs so much is because they give me the ability to change my Hair Color, Hair Style, and Hair Length drastically every day and every time I put on a different Wig I feel like a different person and I love that feeling, I love how easily I can change my look. I personally don't see anything wrong with wearing Wigs casually... I personally think wearing a Wig is a part of Fashion, no different than applying Make-Up or choosing a Clothing Style Outfit for the day. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks?
Guys: Would you find it weird or creepy if you learned that a girl wears Wigs every day? Would you date a girl that wears Wigs casually?
Girls: Would you wear Wigs casually? What are your opinion on Wigs in a Fashion sense? Do you think its weird and creepy, or stylish and trendy? Would you be friends with someone that wears Wigs casually?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think it's cute fashion style to have. It's good to be unique and different.

  • I'm not sure really. I've never noticed wigs on women if they had them. if you enjoy it, do it


What Girls Said 1

  • I actually wear wings of different color since I'm scared to dye my whole hair I just have fun with wigs instead.


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