Girls, What makes a guy attractive?

According to a couple surveys, girls look for this:

#1 Green,
#2 Blue,
#3 Hazel.

6'0 or over.

Not bodybuilder levels, but simply fit. Definitely not skinny or fat.

Crew Cut or Undercut. Mainly short on sides, long on top.

Facial Hair:
Preferred over no facial hair, but less than a full beard.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm pretty much the opposite :P


    1. Brown
    2. Green
    3. Blue

    Height: Anywhere from 5'5 to 6'0 is good.

    Muscles: I'd prefer average or slim/lean body type, I don't like muscles. They just look weirdly bumpy to me, it's not my thing. I guess I have more of a problem with the definition than the size, like I'm cool if the guy is pretty broad but his muscles aren't super defined.

    Hair: I love long hair, so ideally it's shoulder length or longer. My partner only got his hair cut the other day to his shoulderblades, it was to the small of his back. I do think undercuts look pretty cool but they're not my ideal.

    Facial hair: I'd prefer clean shaven.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Blue eyes >>>> green and hazel sorry. (Unless they're very bright green!)

    height- don't care.
    hair- crew cuts look stupid in my opinion. Undercut is cool. so is the boyishly long hairstyles. or long hair.

    facial hair- depends on the guy. but light stubble looks the best universally

  • my opinion
    eyes : don't care what colour
    height: between 5"8 -6"0
    as long as your health so not over weight but not under either
    hair I'm not the biggest fan of the long on too short on sides but I don't mind long hair undercuts are fine really if you look up k - idol hair cuts kinda like them

  • what makes a guy unattractive is if his personality sucks. if he's rude to people. spits. I don't like "bad boys". if he dosnt respect anyone. loud. obnoxious. a slob. doesn't care about his family. also beards and very hairy men

  • Dark eyes & hair, tall. Pretty much it for me


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