I want to be healthy, but I need to lose weight... Any advice?

I'm almost turning 17 in two months and currently weigh at 200 lbs. (I know, unbelievable) I'm 5'6'' and I really need to lose weight. I did lose 20 lbs. two years ago and was 160, but obviously gained it all back plus extra pounds. I've struggled with weight all my life with my dad calling me "fat" every single day when I was actually very skinny and had a lot of baby fat in the face. I've always felt insecure about how I looked and found comfort in food. I can't bare to look at myself in the mirror because I'm so ashamed by how I let myself get this way. I know people are going to say embrace yourself, but honestly this is also me wanting to become healthy. My mom didn't tell me I had lung and heart problems when I was a baby until recently and she said that I needed to become healthier so those problems won't arise later on. I know I have to exercise and go on a diet, but if any of you out there can share your stories on how you lost weight and could give me some motivation, that would be great!
(I know rude people out there are going to call me fat and I there is no need because IM ALREADY AWARE)


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  • I lost a lot of weight when i completely took fast food out of my diet (burgers, soda, french fries, nuggets) and forcebly got myself in a routine of doing a 15 minute workout every night. (50 squats, 50 leg lifts each, 30 second plank, 100 sit ups, 50 butterfly twists, and 100 criss crosses) fast forward 3 years i lost a lot of body fat and replaced it with muscle. I still workout every night and my body doesn't react well to fast food anymore which is fine because then its out of my diet forever.


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  • This is an extreme suggestion but I'd suggest the Master Cleanse diet. I tried it one time after I slacked off for a year after marriage and I lost a decent amount of weight but not from the diet itself. I only did it for 5 days (and I don't recommend doing it for longer).

    That's the ultimate caveat. You shouldn't see the diet as a means to lose weight. I think most of the claims surrounding the diet are bogus.

    Yet it had one fantastic effect on me. After going for 5 days on that diet, even raw carrots and celery tasted amazing. I lost my taste for junk food and even soda which I had come to like a bit too much.

    It has been a year since I tried that diet (my wife as well) but we're both eating only around 75% of the food we used to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also found a new and refreshed sense of taste for healthier, lower calorie food.

    It's best seen as an emergency transitioning diet, so to speak -- a pseudo-fast to reset your taste buds and help you move to a healthier diet you can sustain. Combine that with exercise and you should make some decent progress.

    • The diet basically boils down to chugging a salt water rinse every morning (most horrid and gross part). It'll make you want to go to the toilet 30 mins after or so for #2 and it's kind of gross, but only water comes out when you do. That's the supposed "cleanse" part (I don't think it actually does what it claims).

      Then you drink spicy lemonade throughout the day. That might sound miserable but I was surprised in that I didn't feel hungry. I was tempted by smell of food around me, it seemed so amazing, but I wasn't feeling hungry (just extremely bored with just spicy lemonade).

      After I got off the diet, everything tasted amazing. It was like I was a kid again with a renewed appreciation for food, how it smells, how it tastes. And I don't know why but I liked Coca Cola before the diet. After it I tried it again after a few weeks and thought it was disgusting.

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    • Wow! Interesting! Thank you so much for writing all that! I will definitely put that on my list as a last resort! The salt water and spicy lemonade doesn't sound that great in my ears... But thank you for your input!

    • Cheers. I was extremely skeptical of the diet's claims but my wife really wanted to try it and I thought it would be an interesting challenge if nothing else, just to see if I can do it.

      I still think a lot of the claims surrounding the diet are bogus but what it did to my taste buds was miraculous. The easiest way to cut out junk from our diet is to lose our sense of taste and appreciation for it. In that sense, the diet worked wonders.

  • This is the most effective way. Starv yourself and you can distract yourself with playing games or go some where you can't eat. Not that hard

  • Start with your diet then go from there. If you do not address that first then working out is pointless.


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