Girls, 1. what do you think of her outfit?

Girls, 1. what do you think of her outfit?
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  • Personally, I find it annoying when people wear things like that literally every single day. I mean, it doesn't look like she's exercising right now or anything so I don't think it's all that appropriate an outfit to just be wearing about town. I mean it's literally made only for being worn while exercising. It's not really meant to be worn day in and day out. People do it anyways but whatever I guess.

    • it s comfy :o

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    • Lol it a fine I get your point.
      My mum almost always wear them ca she foes from one sports activity to another.
      Honestlt she does like 4h of sports at least a day

    • @archiz oh dang! Then yeah it's totally be fine for her since she's actually doing stuff lol but wow! That's a lot! Respect for her in doing all of that 😁

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