Am I trying too hard or something?

So every time I try to be, idk, sexy or something my boyfriend completely blows it off. I mean its not like when we're with each other that he blows it off but like when I text him or something. Like I haven't seen my boyfriend for like a month because I had school (thank god its summer now!) and he works night shifts so he's sleeps during the day. Well I sent him a pic of me in my underwear, it was really hot and cute,I sent the subject as 'I miss you" he just said "Ooh sexy" end of convo on it. Then today I told him about this bathing suit I just got and sent it to him he said "Not my style lol I don't like one piecer' (but it was like those cut out ones and amazing looking). He doesn't even ever seem interested in me when I do anything like that and its really frustrating because I feel like I'm trying so hard or whatever and he doesn't care, but I know that he does, it just never comes across that he wants me until I see him.

Am I trying too hard or something?

Does he just not like anything like that?


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  • This guy sounds like me. His replies seem like things I would say if my girlfriend sent me sexy pictures and stuff. But that's just me, a guy, who's never been with a girl before. So the reason I'd say such things, is because I'd be nervous and wouldn't know what else to say. However, I wouldn't really let the conversation end after that. I'd probably end up calling her to talk and stuff. So I don't know if he's being nervous, or just losing interest.

    If he barely ever calls you while you two are away, I'm afraid there's a very high chance he's lost interest in you. Because nobody can go so long without wanting to hear from people they love.

    Does he ever call you? Or are you the one always starting conversations with him?

    • But he's had gfs before, a few of em and he's not shy or anything when I'm around him, he's the one that starts everything (not just sex) and I'm the one that's extremely shy.

      He's the one that calls me but that's like kinda rare. I'm usually the one to text him first but if I don't he'll text me later at night when he's at work. We don't text each other normally in the day time before like 530 because he's sleeping (night job).

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