Should I buy this jacket?

Should ı buy it? The price has dropped to 90$ from 160$

Should I buy this jacket?

İts leather. Mango.


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  • Nope. Nope nope nope nope. That's the kind of jacket that says "I really want a jacket so I'm buying one regardless of how it looks"

    That's the kind of jacket you pay $5 for at goodwill for a Halloween costume. Do not buy that jacket.

    • So send me one and lets see how it will look like

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    • If I want a new coat I look for it. I don't whinge to you to do it for me. Go be a big boy.

    • Nope. I just wondered how it was look like. And its a normal question. You dont need to live your teenage life saying weird things to people.

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