UFC 114, who is gonna win?

In reference to the main event, who do you think is gonna win? Sugar Rashad Evans? Or Rampage Quentin Jackson? I want Rashad Evans, but that's only because I didn't like Rampages attitude on the Ultimate Fighter, everyone tells me he's really cool though. I know Rampage is great fighter, but I like Rashad evans style of fighting too, and I'm wondering a bit about rampage's cardio. Anyway what do you think?

Feel free to go into detail.

  • Sugar Rashad Evans
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  • Rampage Quentin Jackson
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  • I don't care I just want a good fight
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Yay! Rashad Won! :)


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  • I'm with you, I hope Rashad wins. Rampage has the attitude/mentality of a 6 year old!


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  • Haha that's cool a girl that's into mma, you go girl lol, anyway. I'm rooting for Rashad, Rampage is a douche, I liked him before I knew what his personality was like but as a fighter he is good. Rashad is out of his league though. Both fighters are unlikely submission fighters and neither of them has ever tried to win a fight through this way so I'm expecting a stand up fight off which Rampage will get crushed, he does not have the skill off Lyoto so he's gonna struggle with Rashad

    • Yeah I know rampage has more experience and he's pretty fierce but they're a pretty good matchup!

      Quinton Jackson


      6' 1" (185 cm)

      205 (93 kg)


      Rashad Evans


      5' 11" (180 cm)

      205 (93 kg)


      They both have pretty good fight records!

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    • Shogun is coming up fast, he's been on a crazy improvement ramp. I think rua will win regardless of which one he fights because rashads competitors havnt exactly been to the calibur of rua at least in my opinion. and rampage sucked butt the first time against rua and I just don't think thatll change

    • I think Shogun is just going back to his way of domination in pride, the only reason his previous fights looks sub par was because he had gone through an intensive kneee reconstruction and shoulder surgery. this had a knock on effect on his fights for quite a logn time until they fully healed. he is becoming what he was again. I agree though, rampage won't have much a chance against rua, based on his fights it seems rampage hasn't improved as much as other fighters, rua would likely use this

  • I think the fight is a toss up really, but I'm hoping Rampage wins. It'll be interesting considering both of them have good wrestling backgrounds and have come to be be good at striking too. As said before, Rampage has more experience and has fought high caliber fighters longer than Rashad. Rashad's first high caliber opponent was Ortiz a couple years ago and has had about 5 fights since. Michael Bisping doesn't count as high caliber though. However, Rampage's last fight was over a year ago and he's been doing a movie in that time period instead of training. That might play to his disadvantage. Either way, I don't think this will go the distance. Somebody's gettting knocked out.

    Also, since Machida lost, I hope Dana puts Anderson Silva in there with Rua.

    • Yeah but one would either have to gain or lose weight, rua is a light heavyweight and silva is a middleweight

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    • I've been playing Red Dead Redemption so I missed the convo. Anyway, Silva said he would not fight Machida because they're friends. That match will probably never happen. Anderson has been going up to 205 occasionally. I'm sure Dana wouldn't mind a superfight between the middleweight and light heavy champs.

      I'm not really a fan of Silva's but you don't give him enough credit. His last few fights were p*ss poor to be sure. Before Cote, he was putting on good shows. That shows that he isn't a

    • Only a defensive fighter. His fights before UFC show that as well. I think Bas Rutten hit the nail on the head when he said that Silva's performance hangs on his comfort level. When he is uncomfortable, he puts on crappy shows. He was especially referring to his last fight. Also, he is a very well rounded fighter and fights pretty well on the ground but he prefers to stand. I think someone needs to beat him so he can get his ass in gear again. Maybe Sonnen will be able to do it.

  • It is hot that u are a fight fan

  • bisping-miller should be a good one too.


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