Curly hair Vs. Straight?

Which do you like better?

OK thanks! I have curly hair and I've always been insecure about it but now I feel better


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  • This is actually quite a hard question - I would say, if a girl came up and asked me, "Pick the one that makes you feel the most confident, and stick to it.". I'm not really that guy that goes after looks foremost (and I rather look within a girl rather than the opposite). And besides, both look good in my opinion :)


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  • Whatever you like. As long as there isn't to much product in it and I can still run my hands through it. I love the smell more than anything. Don't come at me with your hair smellin like scalp. I don't want to wonder if you don't bother showering for me.

  • sometimes it depends on the girl, but personally I love curly hair. It can look cute, classy, sexy all at the same time. if she lets me pull it when were doing doggy, even better


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