What do guys like and not like in girls?

What do guys like and not like in girls? Like, clothes, makeup, personality, etc. Is there anything that is a major turn on, or a major turn off?


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  • This whole question is very complex in it's nature - every man is different, and so are their opinions about how girls should be/look. But if you ask me, personally, I would say it doesn't really matter all that much. I want a girl that has got some sort of confidence, and if that confidence is being obtained by wearing whatever she wants to wear, so be it. But, at the same time I wouldn't want to turn down on an girl just because she doesn't have confidence, instead, I would rather feel compelled to encourage her in different ways to improve her confidence.

    As long as she's dressed "normal" (and when I mean normal, I mean everything except for fashion similiar to like Lady Gaga that makes the girl stick out amongst everyone else) and she's happy with it, I don't mind it. I think it cannot be a bad thing, it can only be good, in my opinion.

    When it comes to a girls personality, I mostly consider this more important rather than looks (through personal experiences, I find this being most close to the truth, really, at least for my part). Girls personalities are usually very different between them, but as long as she's not cocky or self-centered and is being an overall serious person about herself, I would say anything goes. (I mean, from what've read so far on what girls want from men, it's almost basicly the same expectations.)

    Some girls are shy, some girls are very social, some girls are inbetween, some girls are funny and some are really outgoing etc. This varies alot, and I feel different to girls I meet depending on what information I get from them. If she's shy, I feel almost compelled to get her to know more. Why? Well, if she's becomes shy when she's sees me or are just being with me. It can be a passive sign of showing interest in me, which I might found out sooner or later. And if she really likes me, afterall, then it's really endearing in a way, and I really like that.

    As for the rest of the "types" of personalities, well, it's different. I can't explain everyone of them, since I havn't been with all of the types that exists, yet, it's hard to tell. I guess every girl is different, and so are the reactions you get. But if I would to say in general, when it comes to personality amongst girls. As long as she's showing interest in me, and she's not a player (that is perhaps the biggest turn off to me, if any). I think it'll be just fine and dandy for my part, but I cannot control her feelings towards me, and I cannot force anyone to like me for who I am.

    But, I can AT LEAST expect the decency of having the same respect in return, to me, if I give it to them. It's all about common sense, and some girls (and guys) just don't get it, I guess.

    Just be yourself - if you are yourself (and not someone else), you can beginning of developing an personality that is personally vowen towards you, you, as a person. People will recognize for whoever you are, and what you represent amongst everyone else.

    I hope this helps, and don't worry gals.


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  • I really don't care what she wears as long as she looks good. Make up, if you don't need it don't wear it. You look better without all that on. I really like a strong, confident woman who respects herself and others around her... Someone who can control her emotions is a big deal to me.

    I can't stand negative females that are high maintenance, ones that rely on you for their happiness. Or the ones that try to change me.

  • one thing I've really started to dislike from girls has to be noticeable makeup. girls need to start being more comfortable with their looks...i mean makeup really can't make you look from horrible to good...so just be light with it

  • I like girls that have a good sense of humor and don't take everything seriously. Clothes are very important because they show that you actually care about how you look. Nice hair important, and even a little hair color is nice sometimes.

    A major turnoff is a girl that is rude because she thinks that she can get away with it. Also, a ton of makeup is a turnoff because it's very noticable.

  • I like a small amount of make-up to enhance her natural beauty. And sophisticated, feminine styles of clothing on a girl. Personality-wise, I like shyness (makes her seem a bit vulnerable and also mysterious) although she has to also have high self-esteem. The only major turn-off I can think of in girls is aggression, especially against a guy who is like twice her height, its just very not hot


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