Beauty/Makeup help?

Hey guys! I need help for my next makeup shopping trip/list:

1. Best drugstore full cover foundation?
2. Best drug store primer?
3. Best acne face wash and moisturizer?
4. Best Foundation for oily skin?
5. Best Drug store concealer?

It would be nice if you guys could also recommend things for me!


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  • It's not drugstore but I recommend younique. If you want to look at our products check out my website. and if you have any questions let me know. :)

    • I heard about younique and I've been looking into it! :) I heard the foundation is super good!

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    • do you know what number the colour is?

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  • It depends what is suited for your skin, go into a drugstore and ask one of the staff there, they are trained in this stuff and will be able to help you :)

  • for primer i like the elf one or hardcandy. also my go to concealer is a drugstore one. its rimmel and it's really good.

  • 3. For acne- it depends on your skin unfortunately. What works for someone might not help you as much. That being said, I personally like the cetaphil oil control wash cuz it doesn't make your skin become too oily during the day. Great resource:
    For moisturizer- don't have a favorite but get one with sunscreen in it!
    5. From what I know, Maybelline's under eye concealer is really popular.

  • Makeup.
    Foundations: conceal+perfect 2-in-1 foundation - Milani
    Infallible pro matte by Loreal
    Colorstay foundation for combo/oily skin by Revlon
    Concealers: Full coverage concealer by Kiko
    Fit me concealer by Maybelline
    HD pro concealer by LA Girl
    HD concealer by NYX
    Concealer in jar by NYX
    Primers: Angel veil by NYX
    Baby skin by Maybelline
    Pore filler by NYX
    Shine killer by NYX
    Radiant boost face base by Kiko
    Skin care: Benzac, stop acne face soap, the tea tree collection from the body shop is amazing! garnier has some great moisturizers, and SPF 50+ is the most important thing!!!


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