What you're looking for from the opposite sex?

Hi Guys,

Can you answer the following

a) Race and Culture your part of

b) Relationship status your in

c) What you're looking for from the opposite sex right now (g/f or the girls you flirt with, etc)

d)Occupation and If a student, what career/long term plans.


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  • a) White, I guess. European background.

    b) Single

    c) The kind of emotional closeness and companionship only a woman can provide. Women make me feel better than any drug could.

    d) University student. Majoring in comp sci but unsure of direction in life presently.

  • a. Filipino/Chinese/Spanish blood. Filipino upbringing. UK higher education.

    b. Single

    c. Kind of a general topic but anyway, I'm looking for a long term relationship. I look for open-mindedness, intelligence and well thought out opinions, sweetness, romance, affection, chemistry, humor, quirkiness, a mature outlook on life but youthful at heart, and a beautiful face.

    d. Student, economics. Possible career paths: stockbroker, investment banker, a position at a mutual/hedge fund.


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